Your Path to the Outdoors

If you ask ten professionals working in the outdoor recreation industry how they got where they are you will get ten different answers. There are many pathways to working in the outdoors, and it can sometimes be overwhelming knowing where to start.

We are currently developing a database of resources to help job-seekers find their path to the outdoors, and this page is the start. Whether you're looking for college pathways through Oregon State University or are ready to apply and start working, there are places you can go.

"It's really difficult to consistently build a solid career in the outdoor industry without having to kind of go outside of that. You kind of have to find your way."
~ Lindsay Wolff Logsdon

Outdoor Industry Jobs

Finding jobs in the outdoor recreation industry can be overwhelming. This website is a great resource to help you navigate the many options available for you in your state or somewhere new.

Industry Networking

Malakye is a great resource if you're looking to build or expand you network in the outdoor recreation industry, including leaders from REI, Nike, Yeti and more.

National Park Service

The National Park Service is a great way to get involved with America's best idea and build skills in a number of areas working in a national park, seasonally or otherwise.

Tourism, Recreation + Adventure Leadership Degree

As a TRAL graduate, you will be a leader, educator and entrepreneur in our most important natural spaces. You will be on the cutting edge of this exciting, ever-changing industry and go on to educate others about the natural world, lead life-changing adventure opportunities, create brand new businesses based on the idea of sharing the outdoors with others and more.
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Environmental Sciences B.S.
OSU's online Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences offers an interdisciplinary approach to environmental problem solving.
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Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences B.S.
The online fisheries and wildlife sciences degree is an applied, science-based program that focuses on maintaining balance for species and habitats in the wild.
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Natural Resources B.S.
Our natural resources undergraduate degree program will provide you technical skills and scientific knowledge that spans various natural resources and social science disciplines.
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Rangeland Science Degree
This degree program will prepare you to pursue outdoor careers on both private and public lands in areas such as soil and water conservation, managing for ecosystem goods and services, wildlife habitat management, and sustainable land stewardship.
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Discover What's Out There for You

About OREI

The outdoor industry is a powerhouse of meaningful job creation and a driving force of Oregon’s economy, creating a unique quality of life in rural and urban areas and attracting new businesses and professional talent to our communities.

Workforce Training

Oregon State University has a proven track record of building custom and non-credit workforce trainings, from self-paced learning opportunities to online continuing education classes, and is uniquely positioned to do this work for the outdoor recreation economy.

Career Pathways

There are many job opportunities in the outdoor recreation economy for those with the right skills and experience. We are currently building a database of job openings along with various pathways to help you build out your credentials and get to work.